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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leaked images unveil redesign, advanced features

A recent leak shows the purported Galaxy S24 Ultra in an elegant silver color scheme. While it is similar to the outgoing Galaxy S23 Ultra, the main difference is its flat screen and back design.


The S24 Ultra is expected to keep the camera layout of its predecessor, which is housed within a distinctive metal ring. The rumored titanium frame will replace the Armour Aluminium casing seen in the S23 series, similar to the new iPhone 15 series.


A power button and volume rocker are visible on the right side of the phone, as are antenna lines on the slightly curved metal frame. Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S24 series on January 17 at a special event in San Jose, California. 


In select regions, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to feature the all-new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC with generative AI capabilities, while other countries will receive the Exynos 2400 chip. Samsung introduced Gauss AI for Galaxy phones, which complements the chip’s generative AI capabilities.


Gauss AI, Samsung’s version of ChatGPT for phones, can generate text, including summaries and explanations, as well as images similar to DALL-E. Furthermore, it is intended to help programmers with coding tasks. 


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