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VPN with IoT – How to Secure Your Internet of Things Devices

The number of IoT devices is expected to grow to 30+ Billion by 2020 and more than 75 Billion at the end of 2025 – Statisa concludes. 

This is a high and mighty fact that these days, the Internet of Things (IoT) devices dominating in many fabulous ways. Today, IoT is defeating all other means of communications. This is a mind blowing and life changing fact, that in the next decade that almost all the daily life device will be shifted on the Magic of IoT. 

IOT is the system of internet connected computer devices where each device has its unique IP number. Every device is bound to send or receive data over a network. Internet of Things is considering as the major technology that is going to dominate our lives in every aspect.

These days or in the near future, IOT will be everywhere from smart TVs, wearable gadgets, Home electric systems, commercial security systems, Automatic Vehicle, Automatic home system, Traffic control etc.

All the devices contented through IoT technology, collect the sensitive data that needs to care in a proper way. As every device has a unique identifier, hence, it is a little annoying in the areas where tight security is required. 

Why the Use of VPN is Necessary to Secure Your IOT 

A VPN that is only known to use for accessing blocked websites in a particular area. However, there are many useful uses of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)that are not known to a common user. Normally, VPN comes to use when we need to get into a restricted website and there are only a few people who use it for the sake of security. But the fact is that a VPN adds an extra layer on your confidential data. 

The Miraculous growth in IOT, it is power up your gadgets security with a marvelous VPN connection. As discussed above, devices connected in the cluster of IoT technology has a unique identifier known as the IP address. Using this IP, all the permanent data used by a device can be easily gathered by a third entity if not secured in a tight shield.   

When you are not sure either your data is protected or not then the use of a reliable VPN is required in order to survive in the ocean of cyber attacks. A VPN helps the IOT and home networks to use an extra security layer and prevent an unauthorized entity from reaching your personal information. From home networks to large scale businesses, a VPN is advised to be used as it will prevent sensitive information to be smuggled in wrong hands. 

How a VPN Helps in Securing IoT Devices 

A VPN can be used in an effective way to secure your IoT devices. This task is done through assigning a new IP address to every device used in the IoT cluster. Following are the three major issues that are directly associated with IoT devices that can be overcome with the help of a reliable VPN tunnel. 


All the IoT devices with low-security measures are the first targest of Botnets. What is Botnets? As shown from its name, it is a series of interrelated and connected devices that can be used by a hacker to perform a large number of attacks on any victim. The best example of this type of attack is DDoS attacks. In DDoS i.e. Distributed Denial of Service attacks the hackers send huge traffic on a network and hence it causes down time on the victim end. 

As the IoT devices don’t use a proper firewall or Anti Virus protection, it is considered as the first one to effect from such Botnets attacks. Another reason for entering into an IoT device is that these devices are always underestimated as compared to computers and smartphones. 

Hiding IoT Devices from General Snooping i.e. ISPs 

Every device connected to the internet has a unique identification number called IP. On the basis of IP, it power up the ISP to look and control your data without your knowledge. But if the IP is hidden, then no one will be able to look at your personal data (but it is possible at large scale).

As you know, a VPN gives you multiple IP addresses from where you can choose and use. Using a new IP means you are using a temporary address which is only visible to you and the VPN provider and not the government authorities and ISPs. 

Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) Attacks

In the Man-In-The-Middle or (MITM) Attacks, the IoT devices are interpreted by a third party entity in the wrong way. The best example of such attacks is Account hacking, Sending messages to others from your social media account without your knowledge.

This is a well-known type of Cyber crime where the criminal changes your data and completely hijack third party accounts. As IoT devices are less secured and are always ignored, hence there are maximum chances that such devices will be highly affected.

Many IoT technology providers use some common data i.e. passwords that can be easily accessed after some effort. To avoid MITM, the IoT devices should be properly named and the default username, password, the model name should be removed where possible. 

Final Words 

The use of a VPN will be Sensational for hiding your IoT device data from being smuggled. It ensures infallible security of your online data. IoT is somehow a new concept and hence its security is underestimated by most of the users. 

IoT brings a lot of ease and comfort to our lives, but one should never compromise over the security of such devices where the security is almost zero. You should also learn the other use of VPN that is protection from online threats. Go for a proper security measure and learn about it before implementing the automatic system at your home or making your vehicle as IoT. 

In order to create a complete secure firewall around your IoT devices, it is recommended to learn about the other side of VPN – the privacy protection. You should make a VPN as an integral part of IoT and use it whenever you establishing a new connection. Now, it is up to the users of IOT that either they want secure devices or data leak over IOT. 

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