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Security Researcher Allegedly Exploited Internal Apple Tool to Steal Millions

A security researcher who disclosed problems to Apple was jailed in January for allegedly robbing the corporation of millions of dollars, according to 404 Media.


Noah Roskin-Frazee, a researcher, was accused, along with a co-conspirator, of acquiring over $3 million in products and services through more than two dozen fake purchases. This included over $2.5 million in gift cards and more than $100,000 in “items and services.”


While Apple is not expressly identified in the court documents, an unnamed “Company A” in Cupertino, California, is undoubtedly Apple. The court states that one of the criminals used gift cards to “buy Final Cut Pro on Company A’s App Store,” yet the program is only available from Apple.


He used Apple’s “Toolbox” application, which allowed him to modify order values to zero, add products to orders, and prolong AppleCare contracts. Between January and March 2019, he exploited Apple’s software.


Apple congratulated Frazee in a January support article published less than two weeks after his arrest for discovering seven problems in macOS Sonoma. “We’d like to thank Noah Roskin-Frazee and Prof. J. ( Lab) for their help,” Apple’s page says about a Wi-Fi vulnerability.


Frazee faces charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, conspiracy to commit computer fraud and abuse, and intentional damage to a protected computer. 


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