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10 Technologies that will Change the Construction Industry in 2019

The industry characterized for being traditional, construction, is now slowly changing thanks to the introduction of technology. The construction industry is rife with risks, uncertainties, and problematic real-time data management that slows down a project, and causes accidents leading to various injuries, but thanks to newer and advanced technologies, things are getting easier for builders.

The evolution of the construction industry has made the jobs on worksites easier and safer with the practical application of Augmented Reality or AR, construction software and data ecosystem, drone-based supervision and inspection, bricklaying robots, Artificial Intelligence or AI, Global Positioning System or GPS, zero-emission equipment, wearable technology, prefabricated and modular buildings, and Building Information Modeling or BIM.

Introducing Augmented Reality in worksites would allow workers and supervisors to monitor the current state of a building under construction. Essential information regarding a structure’s life cycle, the design, construction, maintenance, and renovations, are overlain the structure itself through the use of a particular lens resulting in the identifying of safety risks before they can occur.

Using construction software and data ecosystem saves time from having to manage and relay data regarding the number of materials still available, hazards present, and other operations-related information real-time to supervisors and workers.

Deploying drones on worksites allow for a safer and more efficient way to survey worksites including areas otherwise inaccessible to on-foot surveyors. Conducting a site inspection on-foot can take days or weeks to complete, but drone-based inspections can take only a few hours to finish without having to risk anyone to dangerous areas of the site.

Bricklaying robots on worksites allow workers to avoid the dull task of laying bricks by doing it at a faster pace without sacrificing the precision needed to build a strong structure. A house built in Perth, Australia by an end-to-end bricklaying robot only took fewer than three days to complete while passing the local building codes when reviewed by civil and structural engineers. The other technologies can also change the construction industry as discussed in the infographic made by Progressive Safety Equipment.


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