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Threads Get Multi-Column TweetDeck-Like Web View

Threads is on its way to creating a new column display online. Users can add the part of the window that they are using, similar to Twitter’s tweet deck moving option. Alongside this, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg announced a Facebook browser option currently in the test phase.

Threads is putting you, the user, at the center of its design. A screenshot reveals a multitude of custom columns, each tailored to your favorite and frequent searches, topics, keywords, accounts, and posts. The system dynamically updates, ensuring you see the most recent posts on your chosen topics, enhancing your browsing experience.

Twitter, now X, is introducing a new, more advanced version of Twitter Pro. This version, with the same concept as the popular extension TweetDeck, is available for a modest $8 monthly subscription. However, the good news is that the new version will be complimentary for most users, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the enhanced functionality that Twitter used to have.

By making the online view in Column-Based format customizable, Threads may reach more users and, at the same time, help ensure that users are not forced to go to the For You feed once they open Threads online. If Bloomberg is believed, Threads users can add up to 100 feeds to their homepage when they use the option to pin, reports Bloomberg. 

Only a handful of subjects use the multi-column view to access the various apps.

The recency tag feature Twitter added to search last week was timely news, helping users find more timely topics on this social media channel.

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