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US TikTok Ban Still Subject of Negotiation; App Fined over privacy

Although the previous White House incumbent threatened and then secretly rejected a TikTok ban in the United States, the concept lingered. According to a new source, new meetings have taken place between Bytedance, the app’s Chinese owner, and US government authorities.

Things began in the summer of 2020 when the previous administration announced that it was considering banning TikTok because of undefined security worries that data could be exploited by the Chinese government. The basis of these anxieties was not clarified because the software uses very little personal data…

The software would be outlawed unless Bytedance sold it to an American corporation, according to then-President Trump. However, the selling deadline was thrice extended before being discreetly allowed to lapse.

Concerns during the Biden administration centered on who controlled the recommendation algorithms. The fear was that it would be exploited for propaganda by the Chinese government. Following that, the White House met with Bytedance to discuss the matter.

Several states issued their own restrictions, varying in severity, resulting in lawsuits. There has been no agreement on a federal ban, but the Biden administration stated in March that it was done negotiating and anticipated TikTok to be sold.

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