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TikTok to work on Tackling Misinformation for Feb 8 Election

This week, on February 8, Pakistan will see its tenth general election. TikTok, a well-known platform for broadcasting short videos, has released a comprehensive plan to thwart misinformation and guarantee electoral integrity on its app.


TikTok is working with the globally renowned fact-checking organization Agence France-Presse (AFP) as its fact-checker to primarily address the Pakistani electoral context, building on its worldwide solid foundation to combat misinformation.


To further guarantee the platform’s integrity, it collaborates closely with regional community partner organizations in Pakistan. Through these collaborations, TikTok can recognize possible disinformation, address it, and provide its community with correct information regarding significant events.


The video-sharing site’s fact-checking partners do not monitor material on the platform. Still, their assessments give critical feedback that helps TikTok take appropriate action to follow its Community Guidelines.


It stated that its simple reporting tools will allow users to detect and report potentially deceptive content readily. “This user-centric strategy promotes an alert and responsible community, which is critical throughout the election season.”


According to the statement, TikTok’s Community Guidelines, available in English and Urdu, are essential to the company’s disinformation combat strategy.


In its statement, TikTok emphasized that transparency and collaboration are fundamental to its operations. The company added that this collaborative mindset demonstrates TikTok’s dedication to being a responsible social media platform.


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