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Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Islamabad

Islamabad, one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities, boasts many coworking areas in Islamabad. The beautiful Margalla Hills accentuate its allure while its architecture blends traditional styles with modern designs. 

Co-working first made its debut at the start of the 20th century. Renowned sculptor Alfred Boucher created a meeting place in Paris where young artists could meet, exchange ideas, and show their work on an equal platform.  Although coworking only recently arrived in Pakistan, its growth is impressive – numerous new companies are entering this business sector across Pakistan in response to an increasingly fragile economic outlook. One factor responsible for its rapid development may be a decline in Pakistan’s financial condition.

Coworking Spaces in Islamabad


Coworking Space




1. Daftarkhwan Flexible membership, high-speed internet Islamabad Productive and collaborative workspace
2. Kickstart Virtual offices, flexible workspace Islamabad Preferred choice for a lively work environment
3. The Desk Modern amenities, high-speed WiFi Near Islamabad Central Railway Station & Metro Bus Station Focus on productivity and comfortable workspace
4. KNCT High-speed Internet, fitness area Islamabad Inclusive and welcoming experience
5. TwinHub Central heating, open kitchen I-8 Markaz Islamabad, near to top restaurants and business hubs Dynamic coworking space with contemporary design
6. The Hive Multiple locations, flexible pricing Various locations in Islamabad Spacious office spaces for freelancers and startups
7. Regus High-tech labs, modern workspace Near commercial districts in Islamabad Variety of membership options
8. TheWing Creative lounges, complimentary coffees Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad Innovative atmosphere for freelancers
9. Launchpad7 Flexible working hours, virtual offices Blue Area, Islamabad Collaborative and distraction-free environment
10. WorkZone Private and shared space options Islamabad Ideal place for businesses to expand
Conclusion Islamabad Many coworking spaces catering to freelancers’ needs


Here are a few of Islamabad’s most effective Coworking Space in Islamabad that you should know about:

  • Daftarkhwan

Daftarkhwan is one of the leading coworking centres that have revolutionized how people work. Boasting flexible membership options and an inviting group of people, Daftarkhwan provides professionals with a productive and collaborative space for work. Amenities offered at Daftarkhwan include high-speed internet connectivity, dedicated seating, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and event spaces – not forgetting networking events to foster work/life balance! Daftarkhwan features an appealing ambience and comfortable furniture throughout its interiors, creating an environment that fosters efficiency and innovation. Personalized assistance by community managers guarantees a positive experience – which has made this modern shared space in Islamabad increasingly sought-after by professionals looking for an inspiring working atmosphere.

  • 2. Kickstart

Kickstart is a highly sought-after coworking space in Islamabad that attracts established businesses, startups, and freelance firms. Boasting convenient locations with flexible workspace options and added-value services that foster collaboration, virtual offices are provided, while expansion can easily be scaled as businesses grow. Kickstart offers virtual office services for businesses that wish to project an image of professionalism without maintaining physical offices. This cost-effective option provides remote and virtual teams with a professional workspace in Islamabad by providing companies with professional addresses, mail handling services, and access to meeting rooms when needed. Kickstart is the preferred choice of those seeking a lively yet productive work environment in Islamabad.

  • The Desk

Islamabad boasts several coworking locations for employees, but we would like to introduce another: The Desk. Located near Islamabad Central Railway Station, The Desk is a modern coworking space featuring various amenities and features that will maximize productivity during each working day. With well-designed interiors outfitted with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi access, The Desk ensures you have everything necessary to be productive – an essential feature for students writing dissertations, theses, or academic papers alike can utilize this coworking space! Islamabad’s modern sharing space, The Desk, is known for its high-speed WiFi and ethernet access points, which offer uninterrupted online experiences. Their air-conditioned rooms make working enjoyable while inspiring concentration. Signing up with The Desk is hassle-free without upfront deposits, fees, or hidden costs, making the joining process seamless and straightforward.

  • KNCT

In Islamabad, KNCT stands out as an oasis of sophistication and modernity. If you’re searching for an office that balances professionalism with creativity, your search may end here – find top places in Islamabad here. KNCT Coworking Space in Islamabad was designed to assist your business in reaching its goals, offering a peaceful environment for founders of startups as well as digital service providers. Managed by tech and IT specialists, this company understands digital influencers and startups’ unique challenges and provides an inclusive and welcoming experience. KNCT not only provides a peaceful and focused work environment but they also offer amenities to enhance productivity. From high-speed Internet and air cooling to printing services, safe lockers, coffee shop seating areas, and fitness areas – plus free parking spaces! KNCT ensures its resources can meet all of your needs and then some.

  • TwinHub

This dynamic coworking space blends contemporary design with cutting-edge tech to provide professionals with an environment conducive to growth and networking. Located in the heart of I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, TwinHub is a vibrant coworking facility designed especially for freelancers in Islamabad. TwinHub provides freelancers with a professional and collaborative workspace in Islamabad with various options, from private offices and shared spaces to conference rooms and a central location that makes access easy. TwinHub boasts reliable power backup, central heating and cooling units, complimentary coffee and tea service, and an open kitchen, making for an enjoyable work experience and a highly sought-after workspace among freelancers in Islamabad. With features on site, such as stable internet, reliable power backup, and complimentary coffee/tea service provided at TwhinHub, freelancers working out of Islamabad make TwinHub their go-to space! 

  • The Hive

The Hive is an office space aggregator with six locations throughout Pakistan, three in Islamabad’s central region. Aiming to serve the digital and business society, their top workspaces have been strategically located within Islamabad’s commercial main area – two are in Blue Area while another sits within Mauve Area – providing top quality work areas to freelancers as well as startups, digital agencies, and tech giants – with spacious office spaces that can meet different working hours requirements as well as flexible pricing policies (prices for shared rooms are not listed on their site).

  • 7. Regus

Regus offers many opportunities for finding coworking facilities for your new business venture. As a manager of high-tech labs across various locations, Regus boasts an Islamabad coworking space capable of hosting 45 offices with desk spaces available for people. Join other innovators while networking and collaborating. Pricing plans can be customized specifically to your business plans. While located near the bustling commercial districts of Islamabad, this Coworking Space in Islamabad provides modern workspace solutions well managed and planned out with plenty of on-site amenities. Regus offers various memberships, from coworking spaces and virtual offices to office space rentals. Meeting rooms can be reserved as needed, and the facilities include parking, internet lounges, meeting rooms, and lounges!

  • TheWing 

TheWing in Islamabad offers residents from the Defence Housing Authority and nearby areas an ideal coworking environment with all amenities essential for digital nomads to work effectively in coworking spaces. But TheWing exceeds member expectations with its creative lounges and complimentary coffees. It provides freelancers a peaceful space to work on creative projects while looking for novel approaches outside the box – perfect for freelancers seeking an innovative atmosphere to collaborate on them. Hive Coworking Space offers its members an environment to share ideas, engage in productive discussions, and utilize walls to write down their thoughts. They recently opened their second branch within the ISE Building Blue Area Islamabad with green and purple themes, giving it an elegant appearance. At the same time, its casual environment attracts many workers who choose this location for work.

  • Launchpad7 

Situated in the Blue Area, Launchpad7 offers the ideal workplace. Attracting freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, small-scale enterprises hoping to grow into large ones, freelancers working from home, and small enterprises wishing to produce large… Launchpad7 offers you the perfect environment in which to connect and achieve. It is a welcoming yet relaxing environment where like-minded people can gather without being bogged down with daily office tasks. Launchpad7 can make you feel right at home – without distractions or interruptions! Our coworking memberships allow you to set your working hours and communicate as little or as much with other coworkers as desired, with virtual office costs included in each membership plan for added peace of mind.

  • WorkZone 

Space offers entrepreneurs and professionals a great environment to collaborate and network, developing their businesses in an open yet professional setting. Situated in Islamabad, WorkZone stands out as an innovative workspace perfect for teams of individuals and those wanting privacy. WorkZone Space in Islamabad provides the ideal workspace for entrepreneurs and professionals who seek an office-like setting, offering various private or shared space options. It Space offers an ideal place for businesses to expand and take their venture to the next level, with teams or individuals benefitting from this service. In addition, its diverse community can keep you motivated day after day.


Many dream of becoming a successful freelancer or managing an IT business; however, only specific individuals can achieve it. Success begins with accessing basic facilities and resources. Coworking Space in Islamabad strives to offer you an inviting, productive, and focused atmosphere that will assist you in starting your digital journey toward success. Islamabad offers many coworking facilities, making it ideal for professionals and freelancers seeking an innovative shared space. Many coworking spaces throughout the city cater to freelancers’ requirements. Coworking spaces in Islamabad are increasingly popular and offer freelancers various options, such as shared offices, desks, and conference rooms, to meet their specific needs.

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