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Top Three Best VPNs for Netflix

Suppose, while on a job in UK, you get your vacations approved and now plan to go to US with your family. Everything is just fine and you left for US and after some hours of travel, you are there. You rest a while and before going anywhere, you decide to watch an episode of your favorite season on Netflix.

You pull out your laptop and open your Netflix app and say a big bingo due to lot of excitement. But wait a minute! What does the app say? Oh My God, it says you do not have access to the season in that region. You realize that you cannot stream many of your content that you had started watching in UK. Is all this going a full week of your vacation? No way!

You started to search for a solution and after sometime you came across something that sounds like VPN. Can this be the solution for your problems? The answer is YES. It can solve all your problems. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a very important source for people facing problems like one mentioned above.

A good VPN allows you to stream that content which you cannot stream in that region otherwise. Since, like most tech-products, the market is big one for VPNs also, therefore to decide which one is the best VPN for Netflix streaming anywhere in the world, you should keep some key factors in mind.

What download speeds does the VPN provide? What is the server coverage? Is the VPN simple enough to be used easily? Security is also a major concern for such a choice. All these primary and some other secondary factors will make a user decide what VPN he/she should choose.

Given below is a list of our top three VPN picks for Netflix in 2018. This list, surely, will allow you to choose the best one for you.

ExpressVPN – Top VPN for Watching Videos on Netflix

Compatible with and able to unblock Netflix on a vast range of devices and providing the great speeds to make sure uninterrupted HD streaming, ExpressVPN is our first pick for the purpose under consideration.

Some very beneficial features of ExpressVPN are:

  • It supports Netflix in Canada, US and UK. According to customer support services, it will generally work for many more countries as well.
  • The MediaStreamer DNS feature of ExpressVPN is also very useful as it can unblock Netflix on devices that are non-supportive for VPNs.
  • Customer support service is also a plus point. A user does not need to try every server to check whether it works. He just need to ask an agent in live chat and will get all the information about which servers will provided best possible Netflix services.
  • Money-back guarantee of 30-days (no free trial though) is a good deal to ensure that a customer will not lose even if he does not get the services he/she expects.


  • Tremendously fast speeds
  • It supports a lot of devices
  • Good customer care services
  • A lot of courtiers-wide Netflix support.


  • A bit more expensive compared to its other rivals
  • Supportive for only 3 connections at a time.

NordVPN – Best User Choice for Netflix

NordVPN is another classy VPN that one can use for Netflix. Its tight-security approach and super-strong encryption at 2048-bits make it a competitive choice and when other features are considered, it gives a tough time to its rivals.

Some other important features of NordVPN are as follows:

  • It provides a very fast performance and the download speed problems are almost none. It connects to almost every server location in the US.
  • An easy access is provided by NordVPN to other services such as YouTube and iPlayer.
  • It also provides services in various other (more than 60) countries. UK, Canada, Netherlands and Japan are the other names where NordVPN provides good service.
  • The company adopts no-logs policy and is therefore very useful for privacy-eager users.
  • Kill switch, DNS leak protection and extensive server choice are other valuable additions to the features it provides.


  • Fast performance.
  • Good device support.
  • Free trial period.
  • Longer-period commitment is a very low price plan.
  • Simultaneously, users can connect 6 devices.


  • Monthly option is more expensive compared to its other rivals.

IPVanish – Experts Recommended VPN for Netflix

IpVanish is not much special Netflix VPN, honestly speaking, but making third place on this list means there is still something special about it. IpVanish itself does not claim to be one of the best Netflix unlocker but we have tested it to unblock Netflix and it has not disappointed us much.

Since it unblocks Netflix as well and has numerous good features, there are no big reasons based on which we can exclude it from our Top Three list. Some other very cool features provided by IpVanish, making it a part of our list, are as follows:

  • Over a huge number of 1,100+ servers, the IpVanish provides 40,000 shared IPs in over 60 countries worldwide.
  • It supports as much as 10 devices simultaneously which means a single subscription can allow us to share it with 9 other friends or family members.
  • Money-back guarantee of 7-days and an unlimited P2P Traffic are other attractive features.


  • Awesome device support.
  • Huge server support
  • Simultaneously, users can connect 6 devices.
  • Customer support services


  • Netflix support is not that much reliable as ExpressVPN and NordVPN but the tests carried out showed good enough results to unblock Netflix.
  • No free trial period.


Based on our tests, we will recommend the ExpressVPN to be the best choice when one wishes to unblock Netflix and overcome the problems of location changes affecting video streaming. Despite its shortcomings in simultaneous device connection and price, its fast speed, support for other non-VPN supportive devices and money-back guarantee of 30-days are some of the features that give ExpressVPN an edge over its rivals. Although price is always a concern; the quality that ExpressVPN provides over-shadow the low-priced softwares because the price difference is not that big as the difference in quality provided.

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