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Twelve South Launches New BookArc Flex

The BookArc Flex, a new stand explicitly made for MacBooks used in clamshell mode while connected to a display, was unveiled today by Twelve South.


With its distinctive design, the BookArc Flex has two legs joined by a flexible internal component. By placing a laptop on the flexible portion in the center, the weight of the computer pulls the legs together to keep it upright.


According to Twelve South, the Noisette Creek Pedestrian Bridge in Charleston, South Carolina, inspired the design. The BookArc Flex’s design resembles the bridge’s two steel arches.


The BookArc Flex’s design enables it to function with laptops of various sizes without the need for separate inserts, and it is compatible with both Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. When in clamshell mode, the BookArc Flex tucks a MacBook out of the way, and its slim design ensures that it does not take up much space on a desk.


BookArc Flex from Twelve South is currently available on the Twelve South website, with prices starting at $50.

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