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Unblock any Stream You Want with the Help of Ivacy!

Unblocking streaming content in restricted areas is a little hard. But there is always a solution if you look around. Like for unblocking streaming content on the web is super easy with the help of third party tools such as Virtual Private Network or VPN.

A great VPN does not just bypass the geographical restrictions placed by the streaming services to unleash good content for you, but it also upholds your privacy by masking your IP based location. Therefore, it is pertinent for you to choose your VPN service wisely because only the best VPNs have the ability to get around the measures adopted by services such as Netflix as well as other streaming companies. This is because your failure in choosing the right VPN may result in you getting DCAA notices resulting in fines or even jail time.

To make the long story short, a VPN that combines best possible streaming whilst ensuring maximum privacy is pretty hard to find. However, rigorous performance testing, usage has determined Ivacy to be that VPN.

Here are four reasons why Ivacy is the best among all the contenders.

Streaming Optimized:

Ivacy has more than 100 servers spread across the world making it possible for you to stream from any part of the world. This high number of server’s means, you can always select a server that is close to your location and hence enjoy greater speeds for streaming.

Moreover, since you may want to access the streaming from all of your devices be it your smartphone, tablet or laptop, Ivacy can support up to 5 devices at a time, hence allowing you to access your streaming channels on any device you want.

It is also pertinent to mention that, Ivacy supports multiple platforms and is available on almost every major platform currently being used be it Windows, iOs, Android, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox and many others.

Ivacy VPN is Super Easy to Use

Ivacy is incredibly easy to use and perfect for the beginners who may not know about the complete functioning of a VPN. Its interface makes for personified simplicity and ease you won’t find elsewhere. Ivacy offers extreme compatibility with devices such as Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, Android Box, FireTV and Apple TV.

Anti-Throttling Features are Included in Ivacy

A common problem faced by most streamers is that, ISPs routinely throttle or slow down their speeds for various reasons and in some cases they do this to make the users shift to alternatives as per their interests, proving to be quite devastating if your goal is to unblock Netflix. This VPN prevents such throttling at all times and guarantees an interference free connection via its multiple protocols.

Ivacy VPN Offers Maximum Security

Ivacy comes with the best possible 256- bit encryption best known as the military grade. Moreover, it comes with the Kill Switch built in which means that it will turn off your internet at any such time that Ivacy isn’t working for some reason, ensuring that your anonymity never gets compromised.

Moreover, Ivacy also has a strict No logs policy which means that it doesn’t keep any track of your online activity meaning only your initial information is kept on record, putting any privacy related concerns out of the picture.

Final Words

All things considered, Ivacy’s extreme compatibility coupled with its status as the Fastest VPN turn it into the best VPN for streaming!

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