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Sketchy Rumor Says Vision Pro Will Launch in the Final Week of January

According to a shady online report from China, Apple’s Vision Pro headset will be released in the last week of January. Wall Street Insights, a Chinese investor news service with an unproven track record for Apple rumors, provided the information. 


The website claims to have obtained exclusive information indicating that the Vision Pro will be released in the United States on Saturday, January 27. While the report clearly states that the launch will take place on a Saturday in the United States, there is a chance that the website is referring to January 27 in China, which falls on Friday, January 26 in the United States – a much more likely date for the Vision Pro’s launch.


Apple has rarely released hardware products on Saturdays, so it appears unlikely that the Vision Pro headset will be the first. The company will almost certainly prefer to launch products on weekdays to coincide with normal business hours, ensuring maximum media coverage and stock market reaction.


Apple simply states that the Vision Pro headset will be available “early” this year, but no specific date for pre-orders or the product’s release has been announced. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently stated that he expects the Vision Pro to hit stores in late January or early February, which is consistent with the latest Chinese report. 

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