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VR Games Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator Launch on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro users can now play the well-known virtual reality games Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator.

In the virtual reality game Job Simulator, robots and automation have taken the place of all human jobs. With these somewhat historically accurate recreations of vocations like retail clerk, gourmet chef, and office worker, players can experience what it was like to work as an actual human.

The game does not require a controller because it employs hand tracking instead of controllers. One can interact with, throw, and crush objects with their hands.

While it simulates a vacation, the Vacation Simulator is comparable to a Job Simulator. Ice sculpting, swimming, knitting mittens, creating snowmen, yoga, drawing, taking selfies, and more in sceneries of beaches, mountains, and forests are among the activities available. 

Released in 2019 and 2016, respectively, Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator were formerly accessible on Steam VR, Oculus devices, and PlayStation VR.

While the Vacation Simulator costs $29.99, the Job Simulator is accessible via the Vision Pro App Store for $19.99.

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