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WhatsApp is adding another layer of privacy for Status updates

In a bid to bolster user privacy, WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out new features aimed at providing more control over Status updates. According to insights from WABetaInfo, the messaging giant’s latest beta version showcases a revamped privacy menu just before sharing a Status update.

This revamped menu grants users the choice to share updates with either “All contacts” or “Specific contacts,” a group that users can preselect. This addition serves as a gentle nudge for users to adjust visibility settings right before sharing, potentially sparing them from any inadvertent embarrassment.

While the exact timeline for this feature’s global rollout remains uncertain, early indications suggest that only a select few beta testers currently have access. However, once fully deployed, it could offer a crucial last-minute check on privacy settings before broadcasting updates.

Despite concerns about potential annoyance if the menu appears with every Status update, the feature’s utility in offering a final privacy check outweighs such drawbacks. Users can rest assured that they have full control over who views their updates, mitigating any privacy concerns.

In addition to these privacy enhancements, WhatsApp is also fine-tuning its algorithm for displaying Status updates. Instead of the conventional reverse chronological order, updates from frequently contacted individuals or pinned contacts will be prioritized. Moreover, expiring updates and official announcements from WhatsApp will also be positioned at the forefront, ensuring users catch the most relevant updates first.

While these changes are currently in the beta phase, they signal WhatsApp’s commitment to continuously improving user experience and privacy controls. As such, users can anticipate more refined and intuitive features in subsequent updates, reaffirming WhatsApp’s position as a leading player in the messaging realm.

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