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Where to buy gold in Dubai?

Since Dubai is a tax-free zone, it has the most profitable gold market in the world, and the rates are very low due to the sheer volume of an industry that Dubai Gold deals with, making Dubai Gold famous all over the world. In Dubai, there are many places to buy gold! The following are the best places to buy gold in Dubai.

  • The gold souk

The gold souk in Dubai has over 350 jewelry dealers and is based in the Al Dhagaya neighborhood of Dubai’s commercial district of Deira.

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  • Gold and Diamond Park

Aside from the Dubai gold souk, you can also visit the Gold and Diamond Park. Precious stones, diamonds, silver, gold, platinum, and high-end personal pieces are available here.

  • Joyalukkas’

As a gold enthusiast, you are probably well aware of Joyalukkas’ reputation for upholding high-quality standards. Joyalukkas shops can be found in Dubai, including the Souk and the Mall.

  • Atlas Jewelry

This brand primarily attracts the interest of a large number of Indian expatriates in Dubai.

  • Damiami

The reputable Italian brand has high architecture and craftsmanship levels. Damiami is a formalized paraphrase.

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