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HeKnowsTech (HKT) is a renewed blogging platform dedicated to Gadgets, Internet, IoT, Media centers and the connected subjects. The aim of this blog is to offer high quality and creative content to our readers so that they can learn about the topics we are discussing here at HKT.

If you are looking for a platform for showing your writing skills then HKT is your final destination. We, at HKT, are looking for guest post writers who are passionate about their respective areas of interest.

We are looking for fresh and creative content from authors who have proven and established track record in content writing. If you think your content will attract our readers, please free to contact us through any given medium of communication.

Our Areas of Focus

We cover the following topics on our website. If you think you have enough knowledge over any of these topics then please contact us.

  • IoT
  • VPN
  • Media Centers (Kodi, Subsonic, Madsonic, Plex etc.)
  • Internet (News, New releases etc.)
  • Gadgets (TVs, LEDs, Gaming Platforms, Amazon Devices, Wireless etc.)
  • Reviews (Gadgets, VPN, Internet, Media Centers etc.)

What we Hate?

  • Affiliate links promotion
  • Self-promotion
  • Defaming material
  • Copied, Thin and Regurgitated content
  • Malicious backlinks

Content Writing Guidelines for Contributors

What we publish on HKT?

  • Content relevant to any of the above subjects
  • Content should be 100% unique, creative and of high quality
  • Length of content should be 800+ words
  • We don’t accept already published blog posts

Important Note:

We are receiving a large number of publications from guest contributors, so we ensure to publish all the articles but after some time. A free post might take up to two weeks prior to publishing. If you can’t wait that long,  HKT is also offering a sponsored post option where you can promote your products through reviews in your own way without any pressure of writing guidelines.

Advantages of Posting Content on our Technology Blog

  • Get a free exposure
  • A Permanent Backlink to Your Website
  • Get free promotion of your article through our channels
  • Author Bio on HeKnowsTech blog with your website link
  • Build a relationship with our readers

Author Bio:

You can include your detailed author bio at the end of the article along with links to your website/blog or social media pages

All Done!

If the above-given information clicks your mind, then what are you waiting for? We always look forward to receiving your email. We really like to see your content published on HKT. Please contact us today to become a contributor right now.

Contact Email: heknowstechnology@gmail.com