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X Premium To Get New Tiers With Full Removal Of Ads

Elon Musk’s X platform has been undergoing significant changes since the billionaire acquired it last year, as he seeks to transform the social network into a big app for calls and even payments. Meanwhile, it appears like Musk intends to expand the X Premium subscription service by segmenting it into multiple tiers, including one that removes all advertisements.


X Premium subscribers get access to various special features, including as customising the app icon, an edit posts button, text formatting, longer posts and videos, and access to X Pro.

Currently, X Premium subscribers may see fewer adverts in their timeline than non-paying X users. 


According to researcher Aaron, the most recent version of the X app has code revealing the existence of three new X Premium tiers: Basic, Standard, and Plus. When utilising X with the Basic tier, consumers will still view advertising on a frequent basis. Standard will display less advertisements. The Plus tier will remove all advertisements.


X Premium now costs $8 per month or $84 per year. If you subscribe using the X app on iOS or Android, the price rises to $11 and $115, respectively, due to the App Store and Google Play Store’s 30% commission. It’s unknown how much X will charge for the new levels, or which tier current subscribers would be transferred to.

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