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Zoom video conferencing app is now available on Apple TV

Zoom, the popular video meeting app, is now available on the Apple TV 4K, as promised earlier this year. Because the Apple TV box lacks a camera, the app requires you to use your iPhone with a stand, such as the Belkin MagSafe Mount, to use the Continuity Camera feature.


In the same way, tvOS 17 brought the FaceTime app to Apple TV. Zoom has now joined the party. WebEx’s Apple TV app was previewed a month ago but is not publicly available.


Continuity Camera is compatible with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 17 and allows you to use the camera feed on the Apple TV. It doesn’t need any unique mounts or stands to function; anything that can keep the device upright and stable will suffice. Intelligent iOS features such as Centre Stage assist in focusing the camera on those speaking in the room.


The Zoom app for Apple TV is a separate download from the Zoom app for iPhone and iPad, called ‘Zoom for Home TV.’ It needs to include some of the functionality found in the leading apps. It is designed specifically for starting and joining meetings from your TV set.


However, it has some nice extras, such as calendar integration, which displays shortcuts to upcoming scheduled meetings in an easily accessible view.

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